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Frequently asked questions

Achiever Test is a cutting edge tool that aims at acing your Digital SAT score. We offer you practice tests written by academic experts who know the exact mechanisms of the questions that will be featured on the real exams.
Absolutely, we periodically update the questions in response to any change of syllabus announced by the College Board and/or any useful feedback from the students.
You can take them as many times as you would like, bearing in mind that your first attempted scores will always weigh a lot more than the duplicates.
No specific requirements are needed as long as you have reliable internet connections from your device to have the tests display on your browser. You can take it on a tablet or a computer, but the latter is recommended considering this would best simulate the testing environment.
You can use them for 120 days. We will add more practice tests to our products selection and grant extended access on the bigger pack.
We accept all forms of credit/debit cards on Stripe.